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Why Savo Smart Solution Home Automation Devices, Smart Plugs in India

Why choose us?

Savo Smart Home Automation is not just a company. We are becoming a trending brand that comprises dedicated professionals to install a wireless appliance control system for you.
We promise to deliver the most out of today’s technology. We specialize in a variety of Products such as Smart Wi-Fi plug, Smart Switchboard etc. We aim to manufacture & innovate those products that help to tackle everyday problems.
In short, Savo will help you to save time, energy, and money. You have arrived at best home automation devices manufacturers & suppliers in Delhi. Dropping a list of reasons for choosing us.

Easy Installation: Savo devices are plug and play once configured with a local Wi-Fi network. We have designed our products with an idea to provide comfort without hassling one with a difficult installation process.

Quality Assurance: Our company’s motto is to serve quality products and services to our prospective customers. We believe in assuring comfort and convenience at the most with the Savo smart devices. Our focus is on saving your energy, time, and money.

Save Time: You might face everyday conflicts while managing your work and personal life. Why not save some time for your family by relying on Savo smart products. It’s always good to manage devices on your smartphone.

A wide spectrum of Skill and Experience: We have got the best bunch of technical professionals to retain the brand value in the market. Our team is a blend of skill, experience, and research analysis. And if there is a problem, our team knows how to tackle it.

Save Energy: We designed our products with an exclusive feature of Loop timer or Auto-off timer. The Savo smart application facilitates cyclic switching “on & off” of the appliances at a regular time interval. Thus, leading to saving electricity and prolonging the appliance life.

Works in Offline Mode: Savo has introduced India’s first smart plug that works continuously without internet connectivity. Once scheduled, it will continue to follow the set regular schedules irrespective of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Comfort & Convenience: Savo aims to deliver comfort and convenience to its customers. Keeping the point under view, appliances can control and schedule from any corner of the world using the internet. You can also control locally using an infrared remote or touch button.

Premium Features with Ordinary Price: You might have thought that home automation costs a large chunk of money. But, Savo got a solution to add those luxuries to your lifestyle without breaking much of your bank. Feel free to get your one savo smart device today.

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